Hello world!

Hello world!

Technology as an educational tool. A virtual approach to my niece.

Hi, I’m Ce and I live for the world without a fixed place. I’ve an 11 year old niece who uses a cell phone better than an adult but has a lack, she does not know where things come from. That lack of knowledge is not so serious since you only have to learn to ask, then look for the answers to those questions and for that she has all your life. I’ve been learning where things come from for many years and I took the trouble to create this website so that she feels a little closer to me, and she has the opportunity to learn in an orderly way, where do some things related to the technology and the information that she uses daily?

Technology offers us the possibility of transforming human distance into a virtual space where we can carry out collaborative and creative activities as well as learn and have fun. These characteristics result in my niece (or whoever adds), being able to build their technological knowledge with me, knowing that I’m just a click away when they have doubts or a problem arises.

Technologies have characteristics that make them great tools that we can use in the learning process, offer people the opportunity to learn without physically finding themselves in a specific environment, generating interaction, establishing a rhythm of learning, and choosing how much and deepen the information you want to acquire. With this solid argument also his mother, (my sister), who is a primary teacher to get involved in this project and incidentally, she encourages her students the desire to learn virtually with the traveling aunt…

In the following articles I will write about:

  • Computer networks.
  • Communications in the nautical sector.
  • Communications in recreational vehicles.
  • Study of the ITIL library.
  • Study of the SixSigma methodology.
  • Study of DevOps methodology.
  • ICT project management.
  • Cloud Computing and systems administration.
  • Blockchain and Internet of things.

I hope it is useful.

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